Dynamic Resources Learning Library

The Dynamic Resources Learning Library is chock-full of research-supported lesson ideas, extension materials, and learning activities that enhance the content of our children's books.

These materials are free for you to download and use in educational and/or home settings as you see fit.  Please respect our copyright in terms of reselling or posting without citation.

NOTE: THE LEARNING LIBRARY IS IN CONTINUOUS DEVELOPMENT.   We will be adding books and activities on an ongoing basis.  NOTE:  If a book does not link, check back soon!  (We are migrating from other pages)


Click the book covers below to access free downloadable resources and activities for each of our children's books.   








       Peaceful  imaginologyunlimited

The Adventures of Sadie and Sam

Bernice is Hungry

Capering Cows

Cat Queen

Firefly Fox

Go by Goat

Grandpa's Woods

My Cow Can Bow

Pants on Ants

A Peanut Sat on a Railroad Track

Miles of Smiles

Nonnie's Trunk

Now, You're Peaceful and You Know It

Rudy and the Butterflies

Run, Turkey, Run

Sail By Tail

Sparky and Spike

Shivering Sheep

Spotless Spot


 Imagination Unlimited Activities (General Therapy and Imagination Building Activities)