Rudy and the Butterflies Extension Activities

Vocabulary and Semantics 

     Summary of Vocabulary Extension Activities 

      Equestrian Glossary 




     Prepositions (coming soon)



     Figurative Language and Metaphors (coming soon)

Science and Social Studies

       Summary of Science and Social Studies Activities

       Parts of a Butterfly  (also critical thinking)

       Butterfly Life Cycle  

       Parts of a Flower  (also critical thinking)

       Plant a Butterfly Garden  (also following directions)

       Create a Butterfly Feeder  (also following directions)

Horses and Horse Care

      Summary of Horses and Horse Care Activities

      Glossary (also vocabulary)

      How to Groom a Horse  (also story retell, paraphrasing, following directions)

     Parts of a Horse  (also targets critical thinking, categorization, homographs

Sequencing and Story Retell

      Rudy Story Map

      Sequencing Cards

Critical Thinking

     Summary of Critical Thinking Activities

    Rudy's Farm Friends

 Art and Reader's Theatre

     Summary of Art and Reader's Theatre 

     Make a Stick Horse

      Create Butterfly Feeder

     Origami Butterflies

     Make some Beautiful Blossoms

Feelings and Emotions (coming soon)