Talk, Move, Imagine Smile

Handout for NJSHA (additional resources below)

PP slides (in PDF handout form)

Templates and Resources (Rain Mediation, Doodles, Super Heroes, Emotions Wheel, Book Lists, etc.

Rain Meditation


Yoga Cards for Kids


Book Recommendations

Alphabet City (Stephen Johnson)

Look Alikes Series(Joan Steiner)  

Tomorrow's Alphabet  (George Shannon/Donald Crews)

Look! Look!  Look!  and The Look Book (Tana Hoban)

The Dot (Peter Reynolds)

Crying is Like the Rain (Heather Hawk Feinberg)

Rain (Manya Stojic)

Listen to the Rain (Bill Martin Jr)

A Peanut Sat on a Railroad Track (Elizabeth Redhead Kriston)  

Spotless Spot (Alexandra Crouse Bowser)

Now, You're Peaceful and You Know It (Suzy Lederer)