Now You're Peaceful and You Know It: A Little Breathing Book for Big Feelings

  • $ 1095

Product # LBB25

By Dr. Suzy Lederer      Illustrated by Sheridan Turton 

Book 5 in the Word Sprouts Series

This first of it's kind book combines language and literacy development with mindfulness and emotions regulation.  A truly extraordinary story told with whimsical illustrations and diverse characters. 

"We all have big feelings.  Some feel amazing.  Some feel very uncomfortable.  And most capture our attention, making it hard to focus on anything else.  That's where breathing comes in."  (From forward by Dr. Suzy)

Now, You're Peaceful and You Know It:  A Little Breathing Book for Big Feelings was written to help children (and adults, too!) notice, understand, and label big feelings and learn to use controlled breathing to help shift them.

Children can learn to breathe like a lion, a clam, or a whale (and more!) and feel as peace spreads through every exhale!

Targets eight child-friendly emotions or states and matching breathing practices:  scared/brace, sad/happy, busy/slow, shy/proud, sleepy/energized, mad/cool, worried/calm, confused/wise.

Also targets: Vocabulary, Following Directions, Figurative Language/Similes, Body Awareness, Rhyming, Mindfulness, Pretend Play.

Read with Me Strategies:  Echo Reading, Paired Reading, Friendly Questions, Reader's Theatre


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