The Source for Syndromes:  2nd Edition

The Source for Syndromes: 2nd Edition

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    By Dr. Gail Richard, Ph.D., CCC-SLP

    • Are you feeling challenged to stay current in your clinical practice?
    • Do you feel like one more new, fancy term introduced at a staffing will be the final straw?
    • Are you feeling stressed by the complexity of children appearing in early intervention settings?
    • Are you tired of reading theory?
    • Do you wish someone would tell you what to do with a specific child tomorrow?
    The Source for Syndromes is designed to assist the practicing professional in gaining a global understanding of the primary disability for each of 12 syndromes with a focus on the pertinent speech-language characteristics.  The information provided in this valuable reference will assist clinicians in generating evidence-based goals and strategies to facilitate positive clinical outcomes.

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