A Visit to the Speech and Hearing Clinic - FREE RESOURCE

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By Shelly Chabon, PhD., CCC-SLP

This coloring booklet is a pre-visit resource that can be sent to families along with other intake materials. Suitable for both university and private clinics and developed by an experienced SLP and university professor, the booklet is a wonderful way to introduce children and their families to speech, language, and hearing services.

The right side of the booklet tells the story of a youngster who is going to the speech, language, and hearing clinic for the first time.  The step-be-step explanation of "what happens' during the visit uses simple, child-friendly language and engaging illustrations. Parents are encouraged to read the story with their child, giving them an opportunity to ask questions or express concerns while they color the pictures.

On the left side is a narrative for parents regarding the diagnostic process, which provides additional information that can be used to answer any additional questions their child might have.

As an e-resource, the booklet can be sent along with a standard intake packet.  Note that this booklet can be personalized, at no charge, on the front by request.  (Just sent us an email with your clinic name and/or logo)

THIS IS CURRENTLY A FREE RESOURCE.  We ask only that you provide us with feedback on how this resource works for you!

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