The Bark Park

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Voicing Consonants

By Elizabeth Redhead Kriston, M.A., CCC-SLP
Illustrated by Gary Morgan

"We wanted to go in and play, but Grumpy Pete wouldn't let us stay!"

The Bark Park in town is only for dogs, but other pets want to play, too! No matter how hard they try, these animal friends just can't get past Gatekeeper Pete who insists, "If you do not bark, you aren't allowed into my park!" But, with some quick thinking, and a friend or two to lend a hand, the animals find a place where everyone is welcome.

Built-in minimal pair contrasts target voicing contrasts for children who demonstrate this process and phonemic awareness for all listeners.

The third book in the Word Menders series, The Bark Park includes a set of flashcards, which store in a handy pocket inside the back cover, that provide direct practice of the targeted minimal pairs and opportunities to extend the story. SLPs will find many ways to use The Bark Park both as a therapy tool and as a send-home-and-read-together book for all to enjoy.


READ WITH ME STRATEGIES: Echo Reading, Paired Reading, Questioning, Predicting

NATIONAL READING PANEL TARGETS: Phonemic/Phonological Awareness


  • Even before I read the last page, my daughter was begging me to "read it again, Mommy!"
  • Rich vocabulary, strong rhythm and rhyme, and opportunities for children to chime in on every page.
  • Everything you could want in a quality children's book. It earns an A+ from this SLP!
  • What a gem. Targets talking, reading, learning, and laughter.
  • FABULOUS illustrations by Gary Morgan.

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