Bernice is Hungry

  • $ 1095


By Rachel Adomshick

Illustrated by Sheridan Turton

Book 1 in the CORE COMMUNICATION series designed to help AAC users use core words in a functional, fun context and builds key language and early literacy skills for ALL learners!

Bernice the monkey is ENORMOUSLY hungry!  Can you help her look for yummy foods hidden around the jungle? 

SWING, SING, and SEARCH through the jungle with Bernice to build core vocabulary and critical concepts:

  • Look (AAC core words)
  • Gaining Attention (Communicative Function)
  • Prepositions of Place
  • Adjectives/Shades of Meaning
  • Colors
  • Search and Find 
  • and More!

Be sure to check out the free extension materials in the online learning library! 



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