Hey! Hey! Let's All Say!

  • $ 1095

Product Code:  HLAS16

Early Words and Gestures

By Suzy Lederer
Illustrated by Alexandra Crouse Bowser

Using natural signs/gestures to support early vocabulary development has been shown to help children learn new words more quickly.  Hey, Hey, Let's All Say provides children with multiple opportunities to hear, see, say, and sign first words.  With built-in interactive reading strategies, strong rhythm and rhyme patterns, and engaging illustrations, Hey, Hey, Let's All Say provides a multi-modal reading experience to support first word learning.

Targets words from across a variety of semantic categories:  Hi, Bye, More, No, Eat, Baby, Mommy, Up, Done, Uh Oh.

 See this book in action!  Sung and Signed by Music Therapist Margie.  (It's terrific) 

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