Sparky and Spike

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By Margot Kelman, Ph.D.,  CCC-SLP

Illustrated by Jean Ashton

Sparky and Spike are special Spiders!  They can cook!  But, that's not all these talented spiders can do.  They use spoons and sponges and eat spaghetti and spinach, too!

The first book of the Sound System Stories series, Sparky and Spike targets /sp/ blends and consonant cluster syllable structure.  Simple text, fun characters, and bright illustrations encourage children to say the /sp/ words embedded into the story. At the same time, they learn about story structure, print awareness, and letter knowledge ~ all key early reading skills.

Sound System Stories are designed to target specific phonemes and phoneme combinations in semantically and syntactically appropriate contexts.  Everyone will have fun learning and laughing with these fun, developmentally-appropriate stories! 

Sparky and Spike is the first book our Sound System Stories series that target specific sounds or sound combinations in semantically and syntactically correct contexts. 

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