My Cow Can Bow

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By Shari Brand Robertson**

Illustrated by Alexandra Crouse Bowser

"What an amazing, marvelous pet!  How much better could it get?"

What better way to change a boring Saturday into a fun-filled afternoon that a pet show?  But, these furry friends don't do ordinary trips, like rolling over or sitting up.  The amazing animal antics in this performance include pets that sing, dance, read poems, jump rope, and even do magic tricks!

Targets front/back contrasts using minimal pairs built right into the story.  Students have multiple opportunities to contrast front sounds and back sounds that are included in each sentence. 

My Cow can Bow includes flashcards of targeted minimal pairs (e.g., cap/tap) to reinforce learning and extend the story.

Feedback from parents and educators:

  • Please keep the Word Menders books coming!
  • Sound Contrasts are a terrific way to help children become more aware of, and produce, sounds.
  • Pure genius and great fun!
  • A great way to address phonological skills AND build language and early literacy - all in one great resource!)

**The Word Menders Series is the brainchild of Elizabeth Redhead Kriston.  Liz authors most of our Word Menders books, but she occasionally lets Shari play in her sandbox!

Extension activities (more on Pinterest @Dynresources)

Dance like Tammy's Colorful Calico Cat!

Jump Rope Like Gabby's Pet Cow!

Don't be bored!  Find something fun to do like the characters in the story!

Download extra flashcards here

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