It's Okay to Be Different

It's Okay to Be Different

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by Sharon Purtill

Every Child is Unique! Whether they are big or small, short or tall, like to swim, dance, sing or bike. Perhaps they have a special need or are from a different ethnic background. Maybe they wear glasses or talk differently. The truth is that all children are different and their individuality should be celebrated, not shunned. And this inspiring and brightly illustrated rhyming picture book does just that.

By highlighting the ways kids are different from one another it helps children to accept themselves and others as the beautifully unique individuals that they are. It's OK to be Different encourages kids to be kind and befriend those who are different from themselves, showing young children that they don't have to look alike or enjoy doing the same activities to be kind to one another.

Readers will come away with the message: "You should always be kind to those who are different from you. Because to them, YOU are different too.

"It's OK to be Different, celebrates children who have the courage to be themselves, and to accept others as they are.  Young readers with an eye for exceptional artwork and clever wordplay will enjoy it over and over again."
Reader's Favorite - 5 Star Review

"Parents seeking read-alouds that educate kids about diversity and acceptance will find It's OK to be Different the perfect lesson of choice." 
D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Reviews

"It's OK to be Different has a great message and one that is especially important in a modern world that is connected globally like never before.  The book is easy and fun to read.  It has delightful illustrations to capture the eyes and minds of its audience."
Literary Titan - Gold Award Winning Book

"A wonderfully colourful junior picture book that teaches children that life is full of beautifully different people.  I love the continuous rhyming as it teaches early literacy."
Vicki Bruce, Lionart Publishing

"I loved this book! I have a young grandson who is autistic and he was on my mind the entire time I was reading this. I can't wait to share it with him and his older siblings because they love to read to him. The story really touched my heart and almost brought me to tears. I think we need more books like this. Books that help celebrate children's differences and show them that being different is perfectly okay. Each child is created to be themselves and who they are is wonderfully unique. I highly recommend this book because both the story and the illustrations are wonderful. It should be in every library and school. I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review." Reader Review

Dynamic Resources offers this book from an outside publisher in support of children with differences.