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Final Consonant Deletion - Book 2 in the Word Menders Series

By Elizabeth Redhead Kriston, M.A., CCC/SLP
Illustrated by Gary Morgan

It’s a very special day.
It’s a very important date!

Little Miss Elephant has invited all of her friends to join her for a very special party. Some come by sea, some by train, some by goat. Will they make it in time to celebrate with her?

The second book of the Word Menders series, Go by Goat focuses on final sounds in words, helping children learn about phonemic awareness, a core skill for reading, as well as encouraging clear speech. And that’s something to celebrate!

Go by Goat is designed to help children learn to hear and produce sounds and build core vocabulary through the use of carefully crafted word pairs and opportunities for active participation in the reading interactions.

Go by Goat includes flashcards to reinforce learning and extend the story.


READ WITH ME STRATEGIES: Paired Reading, Questioning, Predicting

NATIONAL READING PANEL TARGETS: Phonemic/Phonological Awareness


  • Ms. Kriston has done a magnificent job of blending phonemic and prosodic features of language. Read the book aloud and you realize that is has a wonderful meter that children will be able to use to repeat the story to themselves. The concept of generating stories around phonological processes is unique and beneficial to parents and childrenDr. and Mrs. Larry Turton (Dr. Turton is a well-respected expert in articulation and phonology and a professor emeritus from Indiana University of Pennsylvania).
  • Goats, boats, and flying couches! Children will love this fun and whimsical story and enjoy playing with the flashcards. Engaging pictures, challenging words, and important consonant sounds makes this book highly effective for progressing children's speech.
  • FINALLY!!! A story specifically for final consonant deletion. Genius!


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