Abby Gets a Cochlear Implant

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by Maureen Cassidy Riski, Au.D.

"This is a story of Abby Hound and how she gets a Cochlear Implant."

Abby Hound wears purple hearing aids.  But, her friends notice she cannot hear them when they ask her to come and play with them. She can't hear her mom call her for her favorite dinner (hot dogs!).  Abby and her mom go back to visit her Audiologist (whose receptionist is a beautiful pink flamingo!).  It's time to think about another way for Abby to hear. 

Abby and her family are introduced to her cochlear implant team, the surgeon (Dr. Owl), the psychologist, the auditory verbal therapist, and her teacher.   Each step of the experience is explained in child friendly pictures and with appropriate vocabulary. From meeting the cochlear implant team, to meeting others who had implants, to the "tune up" with her audiologist to listen for new sounds. 

A perfectly perfect book for children to learn about cochlear implants written by an experienced audiologist with great care and caring.


*NOTE: This book is not included in our children's complete collection.

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