Free Extension Activities for Shivering Sheep

Two of these sheep belong together.  Two of these sheep are kind of the same.  Can you tell me which ones go together and which one doesn't belong?  

Download the FREE activity sheets here.  

                                       Shivering Sheep categorizastion activity sheet #1

Shivering sheep categorization activity sheet #2

Introduce and extend this activity using the children's book Shivering Sheep and Playful Pigs by Shari Robertson, Ph.D., CCC-SLP.  You can purchase these resources by following the links below.


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PDF version


By Dr. Shari Robertson, Ph.D., CCC-SLP
Illustrated by Alexandra Crouse

I was too scared to go back to sleep,

So I began to count some sheep!

A child's fears on a dark and stormy night are quickly doused by the antics of a flock of very unusual sheep. Smell sheep, sweet sheep, messy sheep, and neat sheep frolic through the night with sheep with buttons and sheep with zippers. But, what is behind those woolly sheep zippers?

Shivering Sheep also includes flash cards that can be used to practice vocabulary and extend the story.

READ WITH ME STRATEGIES: Echo Reading and Paired Reading, Predicting

NATIONAL READING PANEL TARGETS: Vocabulary, Reading Fluency, Phonemic Awareness (sh) and Phonological Awareness (rhyming)


  • A heaping dose of laughter, rich vocabulary, and built-in opportunities for interactive reading. Shivering Sheep delivers!
  • Robertson and Crouse are an unbeatable pair! The story and pictures are outstanding!
  • Youngsters will love the surprise ending and delight in hunting for the clues to the big reveal.
  • A great last book of the night that usually ends up being the last THREE books of the night at our house!