ELLC Out of Print Books Replacement Information

At times, books that selected for the various ELLC units go out of print. Many out of print books can be located through local libraries and other sources. In this case, feel free to continue to use these books as described in the ELLC.

However, for books that have gone out of print (see ELLC Theme Overview ,Book B, page 63), the authors have identified a replacement book and and suggested edits to the curriculum to align with the new title.

Click on links below to access this information for each out-of-print book.

Unit 1  It's Okay to Be Different substituted for Hurray for You

Unit 3  The Seasons of Arnold's Apple Tree substituted for The Apple Pie Tree

Unit 4 Stanley's Store substituted for Our Corner Grocery Store

Unit 5 Piggies in the Pumpkin Patch substituted for The Runaway Pumpkin

Unit 8 Clifford Celebrates Hanukkah substituted for Hurray for Hanukkah

IMPORTANT: Programs that have access to out of print books do not need to replace these books unless they wish to do so.