Junganew: A Herd of Sounds

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By Esther Giordano, M.A., CCC-SLP

Dynamic Resources is proud to support our fellow SLP author, Esther Giordano, who created the world of Junganew where kids can move, play, explore and grow.

Welcome to the land of Junganew!  Come join the herd for a sound-filled adventure!  This is a world where animals play.  Follow us all as we learn to say...

Miss Snake's favorite "s" sound as she gives a hiss,

Theo the tree frog who's filled with bliss

when he thinks good thoughts of his "th" sound

and Fee Fee Bunny wants to play around 

With big front teeth when she teaches us "f,"

we learn to focus and take a deep breath.

Rory Tiger can roar his "r"

So friends come together from near and far.

When Larry Lizard starts a landscaper's club

We learn the sound of "L" to lead with love.

Moving to each sound and singing to the beat,

gets the sillies out so get off your feet!

As the animals learn their sounds, they discover the true meaning of friendship, accepting each other's unique qualities and sticking together as a herd.

Focus:  Articulation

Page length:  60

Binding:  Perfect bound

Sounds targeted: s, z th (voiced and unvoiced), f, l, r variations

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