Book Packages

We've put together some book packages based on selections of our children's literature.


Word Menders Book Package 

Try the Word Menders Book Package when you want to target specific phonological processes while fostering language and literacy development.  Current titles target initial consonant deletion, final consonant deletion, voicing, fronting, stopping, and consonant cluster reduction.


Read with Me! Book Package

The Read with Me! Book Package is perfect for facilitating language and early literacy development through interactive reading strategies and opportunities for active participation in reading.  Includes 6 children's books


Read with Me! Resource Kit

The Read with Me Resource Kit is just what you need to start your Read with Me! training program.  Includes the Read with Me! Manual and six children's books - one for each strategy. 


Word Sprouts Book Package

The Word Sprouts Book Package targets early language concepts through imitation, gesture, pretend play, and fun!

Wordless Book Package

Three wordless books in one collection!  Targets predicting, friendly questions, sequencing, reading comprehension, and fun.

Dynamic Resources Complete Children's Literature Book Package

The Children's Literature Complete Collection supports the development of language, literacy, and articulation in clinical applications when you want all of our books for your collection (we know you will!).