Difference or Disorder?

Difference or Disorder?

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By Ellen S. Kester

Accurately differentiate between errors that are related to second-language influence or are due to a communication disorder.


Is your student having difficult because they have an impairment or because they are learning a second language?  Improve instructional targets for culturally and linguistically diverse students in the general education classroom as well as make gains and improve referrals for special education.  The framework used in this book makes it easy for any SLPs to distinguish between language differences and language disorders.


Identify targets for accent modification;

This book showcases the many linguistic similarities and differences between English and 12 other languages:  Arabic, Czech, Farsi, French, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese.  In addition, a section is included on African-American Dialect.


Each unit includes:

General Information about the language, including where it is spoken

Developmental information

Similarities and differences in comparison to English

Phonology and Phonotactics 

Home corner

Research references



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