Welcome ASHA Convention Site Visitor!

You have arrived at this page the ONLY way possible.  Through the magic portal of the ASHA expo map!  Due to your outstanding sleuthing skills and eagle eyes, you are being rewarded with some super discounts and deals.  These deals are only offered through this promotion and end December 1, 2016.  So, without further ado, here are the deals and codes you will need to use at checkout.  Pick the one you like the best!  You can't combine within a single order, but you can use the codes on multiple orders.

FREESHIP - just what it sounds like.  No strings attached.  Free shipping on all orders - no matter how large or small

BSGO (which means Buy Some, Get One).  A free copy of one of our newest children's book titles free with any order.  (Titles will by one of the following:  My Cow Can Bow, Thunderstorm, or Sparky and Spike)

SACCS:20 - take 20% off the SACCS:  K-2

ASHA16 - take 10% off your entire order


Have fun!