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Raincoats and Rainbows

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Friendly Questions and Predicting

By Elizabeth Redhead Kriston, CCC-SLP
Illustrated by Gary Morgan

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“Raincoats and Rainbows. Sweaters and Soup. 
That’s what I like. What do YOU like?”

Every day can be a special day when you take time to appreciate the little things in life. Raincoats and Rainbows opens young readers' minds to all of the things they can enjoy - in all sorts of weather!

Friendly questions built into the story invite children to contribute their own ideas to each scene. Add in alliterated noun pairs, present progressive verbs, and whimsical illustrations filled with details to discover and discuss, and Raincoats and Rainbows will keep children entertained and engaged while building foundation skills for language and literacy.

"I utilize your books and resources often in my speech and language sessions.  My most favorite resource is your book "Raincoats and Rainbows" by Elizabeth Redhead Kriston.  My students love this book because it generates conversation within our sessions as the children are encouraged to talk about their favorite thing about each season."   -Debbie MaGann, SLP

READ WITH ME STRATEGIES: Friendly Questions, Prediction


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